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The Green Mile


The Green Mile is probably one of the best movies of all time. And how can it not be? It stars Tom Hanks and has the same director who made The Shawshank Redemption. Both are movies based on Stephen King novels, and both deal with life in prison. Tom Hanks stars as a prison guard, but even his great performance is overshadowed by Michael Clark Duncan.

The movie mainly depicts prison life as quite boring. Then, it changes pace with the executions, which are intense and brutal electrocutions. There are also funny involving Mr. Jingles (a mouse) and the inmates interacting. An understanding exists between most of the guards and the prisoners. The inmates are getting ready to die, and the guards do their best to respect the remainder of the prisoners' lives. The performances are good all around, with Duncan's performance surpassing all others. Previously, Duncan's size put him to stereotypical tough black guy roles, but his performance here shatters any previous doubts about his acting abilities, and will hopefully pave the way for better roles for this good actor. Hanks is good, but not at his best. Great performances, great production, and a great story, the Green Mile's is worth every one of its one hundred eighty-eight minutes.

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