: : : The Game of Their Lives
===Story=== In the summer of 1950, the most unlikely team ever to represent their nation gathered in Brazil for the first Soccer World Cup since World War II. Of the eleven men to take the field, five were Italian, two were Portuguese, one Haitian, one German, one Scot and one Irishman. They all wore blue shorts and white shirts crossed with a thick band of red. On their chests, they wore the eagle of the United States of America.


Gerard ButlerFrank Borghi
Wes BentleyWalter Bahr
Jay RodanFrank 'Pee Wee' Wallace
Gavin RossdaleStanley Mortensen
Costas MandylorCharlie 'Gloves' Columbo
Louis MandylorGino Pariani
Zachery Ty BryanHarry Keough
Jimmy Jean-LouisJoe Gaetjens
Richard JenikJoe Maca
Bill SmitrovichAdmiral Higgins
Patrick StewartOlder Dent McSkimming
Terry KinneyDent McSkimming
John Rhys-DaviesBill Jeffrey
Maria BertrandRosemary Borghi

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