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===Story=== At the age of two, Mun went blind. After eighteen years in darkness, she is given the chance of a risky corneal transplant operation. When the bandages are taken off, Mun's eyes respond to the light around her and it appears that the surgery has been successful. However, when Mun experiences a series of inexplicable and chilling encounters with mysterious strangers, she fears that her newly restored eyesight has brought a different kind of darkness into her life. Featuring some of the most genuinely terrifying moments ever seen on screen, as well as a finale more spectacular than anything to come out of Hollywood, this stylish and haunting film from the critically acclaimed Pang Brothers (Bangkok Dangerous) deserves its place at the forefront of modern horror cinema. ===DVD Features=== Star and director filmographies
Original theatrical trailer
Justin Bowyer film notes
Making of documentary
Pang Brothers documentary
Promotional art gallery
Asia Extreme trailer reel
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Lawrence Chou
Chutcha Rujinanon

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