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A satisfying end to the legend and an unexpected masterpiece...

The good:

The Cast, story, production value and portrayal of characters. Very satisfying ending.

The bad:

The length is reasonable but still longer than what you're used to. It's not a 3D movie but looks extremely crisp and clear, especially on IMAX.


The Dark Knight Rises (TDKR)

Intro and age rating-

Hello friends, I'm Darsh and today I will review the final movie of Christopher Nolan's epic The Dark Knight trilogy. Please do not fear because I have suffered the pain of spoilers and that's why this would include no spoilers at all.While I'm a batfan, this would be an unbiased review and a collection of my thoughts about this movie. The movie isn't too dark but the theme isn't for kids, which is the case with most of the things these days though.The movie has violence, some sensuality, suggestive themes, strong language and thrills.It's a ...