The Dark Knight Rises review
A satisfying end to the legend and an unexpected masterpiece...

The good:

The Cast, story, production value and portrayal of characters. Very satisfying ending.

The bad:

The length is reasonable but still longer than what you're used to. It's not a 3D movie but looks extremely crisp and clear, especially on IMAX.


The Dark Knight Rises (TDKR)

Intro and age rating-

Hello friends, I'm Darsh and today I will review the final movie of Christopher Nolan's epic The Dark Knight trilogy. Please do not fear because I have suffered the pain of spoilers and that's why this would include no spoilers at all.While I'm a batfan, this would be an unbiased review and a collection of my thoughts about this movie. The movie isn't too dark but the theme isn't for kids, which is the case with most of the things these days though.The movie has violence, some sensuality, suggestive themes, strong language and thrills.It's a PG-13 or U/A film.

The story-

It's been eight years since the death of an important person which would've led to a total chaos if the Batman had not taken the responsibility of the murders. In the process, however, from a hero, Batman became a fugitive.We meet Bruce Wayne who isn't as young as he used to be, walking with a cane, no shave and hasn't been out of his home since years. There's no sight of Batman...Then, there's no need of him either because the crime rate has fallen significantly thanks to the efforts of three people who were the pillars of Gotham's peace.But soon, we meet Bane who is about to bring a storm that's going to shake everyone.Selina Kyle is a skillful thief who steals things from those who are too rich to care but she gets involves into something that she doesn't know.Jim Gordan isn't happy, especially because of the burden that the Dark knight has placed on his head, something that's torturing him from within and makes him want to spit out the truth to make Batman a hero again..With every ideal person lost in time, newer heroes always rise when the need is there.A surprise which is a new cop named Blake who has ideals and views that resemble those of Batman, Harvey Dent and Jim Gordan. His character is very likeable, and his role in this story is very important. In this movie, you'll see Batman being challenged on both- physical and emotional levels and things go from bad to worse for him and the Gotham City. The danger is greater than ever...Will The Dark Knight rise when the Gotham needs him the most?

About the film and the trilogy-

When Nolan declared that this would be the last Batman film, I was not sure whether he can pull off an end to the Batman saga with this one but what he did was something unique, something moving and something that only Mr.Nolan could do. This film has a lot of depth to it and it has plenty of references, easter eggs and connections with the first two films, in fact the whole story of this one was built on them unlike classics.This is an end that The Dark knight deserved and when you watch the last 30 minutes of this movie, you already know it. Nolan's view on his Batman movies was right, if this wasn't the end then it wouldn't have a deep impact upon us and it wouldn't be as moving if this was to continue.What this movie does is something that could simply be described as 'A satisfying and emotionally moving end to The Dark Knight tale'. This trilogy is as great as The Godfather in terms of the impact it makes no matter what genre. Hats off to you, Mr.Nolan.

The Dark Knight Rises isn't a superhero film, it's not Avengers, it's not Superman, it's not. It is more than that. It is a hero movie. And it's not about Bruce Wayne not having any superpowers either. Because he doesn't need them, nobody needs them, not even you, which is what this movie proves. In The Dark Knight, it felt that the movie is trying to tell us that there's a hero in all of us but this one truly proves it by showing us so many scenes that don't have Batman but still they feel like the character is something as important as the Batman himself.Whether it be Jim Gordan risking his life to save the whole city, Bruce Wayne giving everything for the Gotham, Blake doing everything that even Batman couldn't do or Selina Kyle doing what is usually the Dark Knight's work. In my opinion, to classify this as a mere 'Superhero flick' is an insult of Christopher Nolan and the style of his The Dark knight trilogy.

Bane as the new Arch-enemy of The Dark Knight-

Bane is a very underrated and misunderstood villain. His Luchadore themed outfit, super strength and mostly recruited as a henchman made him a villain that people didn't take seriously. The Bane in this movie is, despite some liberties in the costume, an accurate portrayal of the comic book version of Bane. The Bane is a disciplined, smart and organized supervillain. He is somebody who doesn't know 'fear'.All the credit goes to Tom Hardy for his outstanding and brilliant performance as the Bane and Mr.Nolan's vision and direction for him.Bane manages to be as important as Batman and the Joker while at the same time, not overshadowing others.Main feature was the problem of The Dark knight, the Joker was so brilliant that other performances were overshadowed, which was good but when you like the supervillain more than hero, you know that something isn't right. And maybe that was why this movie had Bane instead of the Riddler. Not only the Bane is the most threatening and evil supervillain of this trilogy, he is THE only who managed to take -literally- everything to the EXTREME levels. Almost as extreme as the end of the world or say, Arkham City facility from the game. When I heard about the Bane, I was skeptic but from the very first appearance to the last scene, the Bane manages to make an impression on you, you'll admire him and fear him at the same time.The Joker and Bane can't be compared because they both are very unique characters and awesome at what they did in the movies, also the actors who performed them are very talented. Well done, Tom Hardy and Heath Ledger (R.I.P.), you both made two of the most famous supervillains even more like-able with both of your outstanding performances and dedication.

Enter the Catwoman-

Selina Kyle and the Catwoman are performed perfectly by Anne Hathaway.She is a lot more than an eye candy in this movie, it's something that the Catwoman's character needed- respect and admiration as well as attractiveness.Like always, the relationship between Batman and Catwoman is complicated, but very delightful to watch.It's less on lust now, more on jokes, combat and chat. There are lot's of twists and turns which are emotional and help the character developments. However, sudden patch-ups might make you think that all Bruce wants is to get somebody to fill up the special space in his life, something that Alfred wanted for him since years....After watching all of the Catwoman performances and the Arkham City portrayal, I can safely say that Ann did a job so brilliant that it makes Catwoman more than a naughty kitty thief we love, it makes her something as complicated and admirable as The Dark Knight.I also like how the Catwoman is plays a major role in the plot.If you're skeptic like I was, then, fear not, Ann Hathaway lives upto her reputation and doesn't ruin the Catwoman, she makes you respect her more.

Noteworthy performances-

I dedicated two paragraphs for Tom Hardy and Ann Hathaway, so I guess I should talk about the others-
Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne is almost perfect because the emotions and body language he shows during the film, you'll like Bruce more than any Batman movie you may have watched before and the character development of Bruce can be seen in this movie which reminds us of Batman Begins.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Blake is a very likeable guy and his performance is as great as the one from the Inception.Gary Oldman as Jim Gordan's part is as memorable as it was in the first two movies, in fact, near the end, you'll start liking him even more.Michael Caine as Alfred really makes you emotional and his performance reflects what Alfred was worried about in this tale.Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox does a wonderful and novel-like job like always.Marion Cotillard as the mysterious businesswoman Miranda is lovely and charming as her role in the Inception and La Vie en Rose. Many actors make surprise appearances and everyone gets the spotlight and their moment.
Jonathan Nolan's screenplay is awesome and makes the movie fast-paced.David S. Goyer's story manages to have a lot of comic feel to it and yet feels truly like the Nolan's unique Dark knight tale.

Effects, sound and other stuff-

Special effects and stunts are mind-blowing. From the opening plane crash to the epic finale, the action is non stop and never without a reason.The production value is very high, like always, Warner Bros. have added a great new movie in their collection of releases.There is no cheap scene with bad effects.Some hand to hand scenes feel a bit silly but maybe they are to help the character of Bane.Old gadgets return and some new additions are spectacular, especially the famous new Batman's aircraft simply called- 'The Bat', from the first appearance to the last, it truly feels like a Batman's vehicle, it's a combination of VTOL, Bat-Tank and Helicopter. The design is rather innovative and logical. Then the Batpod and flashy racing cars return but this time, even Catwoman gets her paws on them! The action is not too much and not too little, thus, almost every type of audience would be entertained.

Sound effects, dialogues and background score helps to make this movie epic. From the catchy Bane's Chant (Deshi Basara) to the classic 'The Dark Knight Theme', every scene is accompanied by some sort of background music which makes it dramatic and interesting. Hans Zimmer did a brilliant job again. However, if this movie was a 3D movie, it would've performed well in theaters and many action scenes were great but 3D could make them better. Length of the movie is okay since this is the final film, they made it perfect and didn't forget to add anything. This movie doesn't feel boring, in fact, you'd like every second of it.

  • Humor and dialogues-
Some say that this movie is too dark. Well, it has a lot of humor in it but obviously, we can't expect the classic Batman humor, can we? There are plenty of memorable scenes such as- Selina Kyle's first battle in a bar which ends in a funny drama, Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox's dialogues, a surprise appearance of a villain is funny because of his torn suit and the way he acts etc.
Famous & funny scenes include- Catwoman: My mother warned me about sitting in cars with strange men. Batman: This is no car. *They fly away*

Bruce comes out of a party and asks a guy where is his car...The guy says- "Your wife took it" Bruce- "MY WIFE???" And then a classic Alfred and Bruce conversation.
Bane's dialogues are memorable, punch lines include- "When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die" "So, you think the darkness is your friend? I was born in it"
"Why do we fall, sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up" is still one of the most inspiring dialogues of all time which is relevant for even normal people like us who face success and failures throughout the life.

All in all, very good dialogues indeed.
  • Scores:

Story/Plot: 5/5, It's an ideal end to the Dark Knight legend. The ending is satisfying and the whole plot is pretty cool and has more depth than other Batman movies in the series.
Music: 4.5/5, The score is great with a lot of great new tunes and 'chants' to make this movie unique and memorable.
Cast and performance: 5/5
Direction,Assembling the cast & comic to Movie impressions: 4.9/5.Many artists make surprise appearances, the core cast is full of famous actors and actresses. Everyone has given their best in this one.
Special Effects: 4/5
Production Value: 4.5/5
3D impressions: N/A.
Impressions on Audience: If you are a Batman fan and liked the classics, Nolan films or just love the tale of Batman then you'll be crying with joy as you leave the theater, it not only lives upto the hype, it exceeds the expectations- 5/5. For casual movie-goers, I don't know what you'll feel if you haven't watched the first 2 films or don't like the Batman or prefer the classics. However, the action, thrill and the story may interest you and keep you glued to the seat. Casuals/Non-Batfans- 3/5
  • Final Score:
On the scale of 5, this movie gets: 4.8/5
On the scale of 10, this movie gets: 9.8/10
On the scale of 100%, this movie gets: 98%
On the scale of 50, this movie gets: 48/50
On the grade system, this movie gets: A

This is one of the best examples of how a trilogy should end.If you are a Batman fan, you wouldn't be disappointed.If you haven't watched it yet, I highly recommend you to do so because it's not just another superhero flick, it's more than that.It's a memorable and satisfying end to The Dark Knight trilogy. Action, romance, drama, gadgets, surprises and thrills- all are waiting for you.... Will you answer the Bat signal?

Thank you for reading the entire review.I hope you found this review helpful.
- DarshD.

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1 thumbs!
haalyle Aug 8, 12
Well done
Finally got it up, good review, makes me wanna see it
1 thumbs!
DarshD Aug 8, 12
Thank you so much for reading and giving it a 'like'. Yes, you should grab the Blu-Ray or DVD when it comes out. Or if it's still being showed in a theatre near you, then, why not watch it ?
0 thumbs!
haalyle Aug 10, 12
It's not in theatre anymore, but we're bound to watch it on Blu-Ray
1 thumbs!
CrematedMan Aug 8, 12
I personally didn't enjoy the latter half of the movie; it seemed predictable although the production quality was fantastic. Good review though.
1 thumbs!
DarshD Aug 8, 12
I agree with you. The first half was a little boring only saved by Bane's scenes. There are some flaws in every movie and that's why this movie isn't perfect. Thank you for reading this, commenting and giving it a 'like/helpful' remark I saw your first Neo forum post...I suck at Black Ops zombies, so I'm going to read that lol
1 thumbs!
Five Aces Aug 9, 12
Hey, Darsh. This is a great review, I love it well done Yeah you guys are right, the first portion of the movie was a little boring, apart from Bane's parts. You know I always thought Bane was American, but in this he had a broad British accent
0 thumbs!
DarshD Aug 9, 12
Thanks for reading and leaving a kind comment Yeah, this Bane was super awesome and very like-able. Tom Hardy did a brilliant job.
1 thumbs!
Five Aces Aug 9, 12
Yes, Tom Hardy is a brilliant actor, I have liked his acting for years. He did a brilliant job being Bane, I loved him. Bane has always been my favourite Batman villain and I love him even more now that Tom Hardy has played him
1 thumbs!
EricF Aug 19, 12
Very in-depth for a movie review, great job Darsh.
0 thumbs!
DarshD Aug 19, 12
Thank you so much for the kind comment, EricF! I made it more like an analysis of the movie, the way I do with other reviews. I was going for a short review but ended up with lot's of helpful info in this one, so, I didn't remove anything because it all works together and gives the reader an idea of what the movie is about without spoiling anything. I really felt that I should clear some doubts and misconceptions about humor, villains etc. stuff. Also about the genre and trilogy that this movie belongs to. I reviewed The Avengers too, you may wanna check that out as well. I believe that TDK trilogy was something very different than usual super hero movies. I guess it's because of Christopher Nolan and his fine skills with movies.
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