: : : The Closer - The Complete Third Season

The Closer - The Complete Third Season

===Story=== Golden Globe Award-winner and Emmy Award nominee, Kyra Sedgwick portrays the role of Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, a CIA-trained detective who has been brought from Atlanta to Los Angeles to head up the Priority Murder Squad, a special unit of the LAPD that handles sensitive, high-profile murder cases. Despite her offbeat personality and tendency to step on people's toes, Brenda's tough-as-nails approach and track record prove her to be one of the country's leading investigators. Brenda is tapped to lead the team because she is a world-class interrogator, and when it comes to obtaining confessions, she is a closer. But her quirky attitude and hard-nosed approach to her job sometimes rub her colleagues the wrong way, as does the fact that she is a tough-minded Southern woman in a department dominated by men. During season three, Brenda faces several challenges both personal and professional, as she is assigned to some very complex cases. She investigates a retirement facility where a man confesses to seven murders but refuses to give his name. She is put on a case that involves the slaughter of an entire family in an upscale Los Angeles neighborhood and has to deal with becoming the most downloaded video on YouTube after she's assaulted by a bride whose wedding she stopped. Half-way through the season, Brenda begins to feel ill until test results from the doctor reveal what's going on. ===DVD Features=== *The Art of Interrogation - A featurette that depicts law enforcement professionals and criminal psychologists explaining the real-world art of interrogation and the skills necessary to be a "closer." The show's producers, writers and creators discuss the techniques used on the show and the advantages of using a female Deputy Police Chief as the show's main character. *Gag Reel *Unaired Scenes


Kyra SedgwickDeputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson
J.K. SimmonsAssistant Chief Will Pope
Corey ReynoldsSgt. David Gabriel
Robert GossettCommander Taylor
G.W. BaileyLt. Louie Provenza
Tony DenisonLt. Andy Flynn
Michael Paul ChanLt. Mike Tao
Raymond CruzDetective Julio Sanchez
Gina RaveraDetective Irene Daniels
Jon TenneyAgent Fritz Howard
Mark RolstonFather Jack
David ZayasBrian
James AveryDr. Crippen
Frances SternhagenWillie Ray Johnson
French StewartGary Evans
S. Epatha MerkersonDr. Rebecca Dioli
Francis CapraMiguel Torres
Brian GoodmanVince Kemble
Barry CorbinClay Johnson
Raymond MaGuay-Lai Chen
Steven CulpLucas Cordry
Fredric LehneEugene 'Topper' Barnes
Larry KingHimself

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