: : : The Cat & The Canary
===Story=== Carol Lynley stars as the guileless young woman who becomes the sole heir to eccentric millionaire Wilfrid Hyde-White's fortune in this remake of the Paul Leni silent-film classic. But there's a catch: all the surviving relatives must spend the night in the old mansion. If she dies or is judged insane within the next 12 hours a new heir will be named, and, as if a house full of greedy relatives isn't enough, a homicidal maniac is on the loose, or so informs asylum director Edward Fox, making a dramatic swashbuckling entrance crashing through the library window like a British Zorro. Radley Metzger, best known for his elegant erotic dramas and racy romantic comedies, steps out of the genre that made his name since his debut film ''Dark Odyssey''. With tongue firmly in cheek he refigures the old, dark house farce as a British comedy of manners, nicely capturing the clipped delivery and witty repartee of the drawing-room comedy at the expense of the thrills and chills that make Leni's original so memorable. It's a stylishly handsome and often clever film (the reading of the will, with brash Hyde-White hosting from beyond the grave through the magic of home movies, is an inspired highlight), but it never achieves any tension or terror. Honor Blackman, Wendy Hiller, Daniel Massey, and Olivia Hussey costar. ''--Sean Axmaker'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Widescreen


Honor BlackmanSusan Sillsby
Michael CallanPaul Jones
Edward FoxHendricks
Wendy HillerAllison Crosby
Olivia HusseyCicily Young
Beatrix LehmannMrs. Pleasant
Carol LynleyAnnabelle West
Daniel MasseyDr. Harry Blythe
Peter McEneryCharlie Wilder
Wilfrid Hyde-WhiteCyrus West

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