: : : The Butterfly Tattoo
===Story=== Chris and Jenny are teenage lovers from the gritty side of modern Oxford, England in this adaptation of the acclaimed novel by Philip Pullman (author of The Golden Compass). Chris, a naive lad, suspended between school and college, and Jenny, a free spirit fleeing a traumatized childhood. They are caught in the crossfire, as Carson, a gangster gunman with a grudge, comes looking for Chris's boss, to avenge events from long ago. Heady romance gives way to growing suspense as Carson closes in until, in a final eruption of violence, the star-crossed lovers are sundered forever. Based on a novel by Philip Pullman (THE GOLDEN COMPASS), this dark romantic thriller follows two English teens who fall in love only to find themselves torn apart by the criminal dealings of the adults in their lives. ===DVD Features===


Duncan StuartChris Marshall
Jessica BlakeJenny
Christopher DaneInspector Fletcher
Debra BakerSue Miller
Abigail TarttelinFenella
Simon BrandonMercutio

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