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Matt Damon-Team America


The basic premise is that a fishing vessel off the coast of Europe finds a man floating in the water with two bullets in his back. He has no idea who he is or how he got there, and the only clue to his past is a Swiss bank account number implanted in his thigh. Once he accesses the account, he finds numerous passports from different nations. They all have different names, and all of them have his picture. He also finds a large sum of money and a gun. Soon, this man realizes that he has mastery over numerous languages, and is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat. The American passport he has ...


Meh! Good Thriller Hitman Action Movie


This film really gets to the point. And thats good. It grabs your attention right away when fisherman find Jason Bourne (Damon) with bullets in his back and an address embedded in his hip. He doesn't know his name and doesn't recall anything. As he investigates to find out who he is police, security gaurds, even the national guards are after him. You keep asking yourself why?

He teams up with Marie Kreutz (Potente), a women whos life was changed after meeting Bourne. They go "Bonnie and Clyde" 2002 style. Bourne finally realizes who he is after big car chases and close combat fighting with t...