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The Avengers review
A movie true to the Avengers and a blast to watch!

The good:

The cast is great with plenty of stars in it.
SFX, 3D and SFX are all fantastic and true to the Marvel standards.
The ending is cool and not predictable.

The bad:

Very few dull moments.
Plot may seem to have lost at times when the focus is on other things.


The Avengers (Also known as- Avengers Assemble) the Feature Film...

Hello, I'm Darsh, and this is an unbiased and spoiler-free review of The Avengers movie review.First of all, this movie is rated UA/PG-13 for sci-fi violence, mild drug reference & action throughout the film, and falls into the action, super-hero, sci-fi & adventure genre.This movie is from Marvel Studios & is distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

Thor's brother, Loki has entered the Earth because of a strange radiation from the Tesseract (a powerful energy source of unknown potential) that caused a Portal to open. He invades the facility where the Tesseract is and manages to steal it and escape. Here, we are introduced to many characters including Nick Fury, director of the espionage agency S.H.I.E.L.D.,lieutenant Agent Maria Hill, Hawkeye and Agent Phil Coulson. Things go terribly wrong and Fury is left with no choice other than to contact Natasha Romanoff a.k.a. the Black Widow who is the "Avengers Initiative". She is sent to India where Dr. Bruce Banner is helping people in need while controlling his anger and putting his days as the Hulk behind.With that, begins the process of bringing the Avengers together....

"There was an idea, bringing together a team of many superheroes to protect the humanity, now it is the best time to do it." It was scrapped and deemed unnecessary or impossible.But then, Fury starts recruiting each and every one of them. We meet Captain America, The First Avenger.His character is as glorious as ever, with being a perfect soldier and peace keeper between other Avengers.Tony Stark, the Iron Man is busy with his own work for the city but then is interrupted by a visit by an Agent, all is showed in such a manner that it's true to each and every different Marvel superhero movie personalities and characters.The movie is full of humor, mostly coming from Robert Downey Jr.'s one liners and attitude. Especially, the first time Tony meets Thor, the God of Asgard, who is trying to stop his brother, Loki from making a deal with an unknown force to bring destruction to the Planet Earth in the name of 'A new peaceful age, where the liberty isn't a lie anymore'. There are many set-pieces that could make anybody happy. Most exciting ones - when the S.H.I.E.L.D. Ship is emerging from water and Dr.Banner drops his jaw, also there are many action sequences in the film and they all feel essential to the story instead of being just for sake of adding action into the film.

Avengers don't get along very nicely and there is always some tension between each of them, there are insecurities and deceiving secrets of each hero. The film isn't without emotions.The script never forgets its heroes' humanity.Few scenes could possibly make your eyes wet (If not, make you cry), like when Nick Fury tells heroes that a certain character sacrificed his life because he had faith in the Avengers, in all of you, even Tony Stark is showed to be moved by that event. Also the most surprisingly emotional scene is near the end, when a hero that you'd never expect to sacrife his life to save the whole world, tries to call somebody he loves very dearly while heading into the door of death, it was so well shot and performed by that actor, it is probably as memorable as some benchmark scenes from The Dark Knight.The direction is almost flawless, with minor trouble with pacing which is easily remedied by scenes that happen after a boring or a dull moment, which are so rare that the overall package and the ending wipes them from your memory and don't feel like dull moments after you're well attached to the characters near the end.Also, like The Dark knight gave us some messages like- "There is always a choice", "There is a hero in all of us" etc. Thsi movie also gives us some good thoughts like- "Sacrifices shouldn't go waste","Some things are not good in anybody's hand" etc. So, it's not plain action, there are also some lessons to be learnt from them.

When Avengers finally assemble and rally in defense of New York City, but they are quickly overwhelmed by waves of alien soldiers that are destroying everything and slaughtering everyone they see in sight. This section of the movie is well directed and is full of action.You will be filled with joy as all heroes fight together in the New York City. Giant alien spaceships fly across the horizon, dog fights in the air between Iron Mon and baddies, Hawkeye's superb archery accuracy, Thor's thunder show, Captain America's leadership and Black Window's bravery- All are done with nice pacing, editing and transitions are smoother than many action movies. Everything boils down to a spectacular conclusion that an Avengers movie deserve.

Will Avengers be successful in stopping the destruction of Earth and possible slavery of humanity?
Will Loki ever be punished by Thor and Asgard's council?
Watch the movie for a superhero movie that we were always waiting for, a movie which is a dream come true for any Marvel fan or anyone who likes good movies.

  • The Cast and characters

Every actor does justice to their roles and many actors from different movies come and reprise their roles.Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark / Iron Man is funny and spectacular.Robert Downey Jr.'s performance in this is very true to the character of Tony Stark, and like I mentioned earlier, there are scenes which may wet your eyes,he also manages to be funny and as great as he was in movie series like Sherlock Holmes & Iron Man.Mark Ruffalo as Dr. Bruce Banner / Hulk is perhaps, one of the best Hulk performances ever, Mark manages to show his emotions in such way that we do feel the pain of being somebody who is trying to keep his anger in control, his Hulk voice over is also nice (A blending of the voices of Mark Ruffalo and Lou Ferrigno (uncredited) comprised the Hulk's voice.) Chris Evans as Steve Rogers / Captain America looks cute and his performance has a certain pain that is essential for his character, his dialogue delivery is good.Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury is disciplined and as intimidating as in comics or Iron Man movies.Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill does her work so nicely that we never fell that she had fewer appearances than others.Clark Gregg as Phil Coulson not only acts tough when needed but also contributes to the emotional moments of this film, the performance really makes this character, a memorable one.Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow looks beautiful, stubborn, bold and angry super heroine, we all like.This performances is as good as her Iron Man 2 performance.Whether it be action scenes or emotional ones, or plain interrogations, Scarlett is just awesome.Tom Hiddleston as Loki has a strange Lord Volmemort (Harry Potter) feel to his performance which is well suited for the important role of Loki in this film, Tom not only manages to be a great negative character but also adds humor in between which is of course, also because of the director and the script, but still, while not as remarkable as The Joker from The Dark Knight in terms of emotions & tension, a well executed supervillain.Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton / Hawkeye has done a job so fine that even without the Hawkeye costume, he looks like an important hero, the fire in Jeremy's eye is well suited for his character, Hawkeye. Chris Hemsworth as Thor is handsome looking Norse God and his action sequences are great, and he adds even more emotions into his role as the Thor who is trying to convince Loki to stop.

Like in any superhero movie, the soundtrack of The Avengers is very nice, it somehow covers many different genres of music. The music which is composed by Alan Silvestri, add emotions to certain scenes and extra punch to action scenes. Sound effects and special effects are top notch, the production value is very high and no expense is spared in giving you the best Avengers experience possible.Joss Whedon's direction & screenplay is almost flawless and the pacing of this movie is great.
Editing by Jeffrey Ford & Lisa Lassek is great with a few dull scenes and nice transitions from scene to scene.
  • Conclusion:

If you love super hero films or if you are a Marvel fan, then you owe it to yourself to watch this movie.This is so good that it would make those who are not interesting in super heroes, a fan of super hero movies.This film is a blast to watch with your family.This is a great and entertaining super hero movie that should not be missed.Be sure to watch it in 3D or at least 2D then start buying Blu-Rays,DVDs, comics,games, toys etc. of Marvel superheroes to know more about their history before The Avengers II arrives!
  • Scores:
Story/Plot: 3.5/5, Some parts of the story might feel confusing on your 1st watch of this movie, some people wouldn't like Loki as the negative character and there are very few scenes which feel unnecessary or boring but overall, the story is okay and not a complete disaster that could happen because of including many Marvel characters.There are plenty of action scenes, emotional scenes and funny scenes, making some minor flaws feel like nothing compared to the good stuff.
Music: 4/5, very good score and it makes for an entertaining experience that a super hero film should be.
Cast and performance: 4.8/5
Direction,Assembling the cast & comic to Movie impressions: 4.5/5.This movie is true to The Avengers comics and Marvel characters.All the cast is well assembled and works like a charm thanks to a great direction and screenplay.
Special Effects: 4.5/5
Production Value: 4.7/5
3D impressions: 4/5. 3D is nicely done and scenes don't feel like card board cut outs, and there is a good depth from start to the end.NYC battle, S.H.I.E.L.D. Flight deck scene and SFX are mind blowing in 3D.See it in 3D if possible.It's worth the extra buck.
Impressions on Audience: If you are a fan of Super hero movies, comic books or want to see great action and SFX, then - 4.5/5.If you happen to not know any Marvel characters, then you might want to read their bios but this movie will thrill you either way, so- 3/5
  • Final Score:
On the scale of 5, this movie gets: 4.6/5
On the scale of 10, this movie gets: 9/10
On the scale of 100%, this movie gets: 94%
On the scale of 50, this movie gets: 43/50
On the grade system, this movie gets: A
  • This is an excellent movie which is worth a watch.Because the comedy, cast and fun you see in this movie is can only be seen in an Avengers movie, this is a dream come true for anybody who wanted a feature film of Marvel's Avengers, besides, Tony Stark interacting and annoying other super hero is a rare sight, so, it's really not advised to miss that!A must see for Marvel,Iron man, Hulk,Thor or any super hero fans and those who are new to the Marvel characters shouldn't miss the movie even if they can't recognize some characters, the movie makes so great an impact that, after watching the movie, you should become a fan of every Marvel hero.
Go ahead and watch the blockbuster of this season in the theatre or get the 3D Blu-Ray or DVD of this movie to store this gem in your collection.

Thanks for reading this review.I hope you found it useful.

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haalyle May 25, 12
This is an awesome review for such an awesome game.
Totally agree!
1 thumbs!
DarshD May 25, 12
Thanks so much for the comment, I'm glad you like it I wrote it right after I watched the movie. Took 2 hours to think and write all that xD
1 thumbs!
haalyle May 25, 12
Yes, a lot to write and worth while to read. I loved this movie.
2 thumbs!
NeoHoltsky May 27, 12
Great review, Darsh. I wanted to see this movie anyways, but this made me want to see it that much more. I have $50 to spare, so 3D all the way.
0 thumbs!
DarshD May 29, 12
Nice to see you on Neoseeker again I missed you bro! Thanks for checking out my review, I'm glad you liked it and yes, 3D is great, especially on a big screen! Enjoy and tell me how you found the movie.Take care of yourself and keep rocking
1 thumbs!
NeoHoltsky May 29, 12
Thanks Darsh, good to be back. I did update my blog with a few reasons why I've been inactive, so check out that if you have some time. Yes, I love 3D in movie theaters, makes the experience that much better. Will do Darsh, and I'm loving life recently, don't see any reason to stop loving it.
0 thumbs!
DarshD May 29, 12
Nice, I sure will And yeah, life rocks XD
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