: : : The Alamo
===Story=== From director John Lee Hancock and Oscar®-winning producers Mark Johnson and Ron Howard comes an epic motion picture event, the dramatic true story of one of the most momentous battles in American history. "The Alamo" is the tale of a handful of men who stood up for their passion and ideals against an overwhelming force. In the spring of 1836, in the face of insurmountable odds, fewer than 200 ordinary men who believed in the future of Texas held the fort for 13 days against thousands of Mexican soldiers led by dictator General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna (EMILIO ECHEVARRÍA), ruler of Mexico. Commanded by three men – the young, brash Lt. Col. William Travis (PATRICK WILSON); the zealous, passionate James Bowie (JASON PATRIC); and the living legend David Crockett (BILLY BOB THORNTON) – the Texans would sacrifice their lives for their beliefs, but their deeds at the Alamo would make history as General Sam Houston's (DENNIS QUAID) emotional rallying call for Texas independence. The film is written by Leslie Bohem and Oscar®-winner Stephen Gaghan and John Lee Hancock. ===DVD Features=== * Audio commentary with historians Alan Huffines and Stephen Hardin * Deleted Scenes: See exclusive scenes that were cut, with optional commentary by director John Lee Hancock * "Walking In The Footprints Of Heroes": Learn about David Crockett, William Travis, Jim Bowie and Sam Houston, and hear how the actors portrayed these legends * "Return of the Legend: The Making of the Alamo": A behind-the-scenes look with the filmmakers in the telling of this chapter in American history * "Deep In the Heart Of Texans": John Lee Hancock, Dennis Quaid, and others share how their Texas roots are a vital part of this motion picture


Dennis QuaidSam Houston
Billy Bob ThorntonDavy Crockett
Jason PatricJames Bowie
Patrick WilsonWilliam Travis
Emilio EchevarríaAntonio Lopez de Santa Ana
Jordi MollaJuan Seguin
Leon RippySgt. William Ward
Marc BlucasJames Bonham
Kevin PageMicajah Autry
Joe StevensMial Scurlock
Laura CliftonSusanna Dickinson
Emily DeschanelRosanna Travis
W. Earl BrownDavid Burnet
Tom EverettMosley Baker
Rance HowardGovernor Smith

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