: : : Taken 2
===Story=== He found them, he hunted them down, and he killed them for kidnapping his daughter. But it isn't over yet. The father of one of the kidnappers responsible for kidnapping Bryan Mills' daughter has sworn vengeance, taking Bryan and his wife Lenore as hostages during a family vacation in Istanbul. Their only hope for escape lies in their daughter Kim... ===DVD Features===


Liam NeesonBryan Mills
Maggie GraceKim
Famke JanssenLenore
Leland OrserSam
Jon GriesCasey
D.B. SweeneyBernie
Luke GrimesJamie
Rade SerbedzijaMurad Krasniqi
Kevork MalikyanInspector Durmaz
Alain FiglarzSuko
Olivier RabourdinJean-Claude
LuenellDriving Instructor

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