: : : S.W.A.T.
===Story=== Samuel L. Jackson and Colin Farrell swagger through ''S.W.A.T.'', a guns-and-big-trucks macho extravaganza based on the 1970s TV show of the same name, about the police teams brought in to take care of extremely dangerous situations. Jackson plays a sergeant brought out of retirement to form a new squad, which includes rebellious Farrell (''The Recruit'') and tough babe Michelle Rodriguez (''Girlfight'', ''Blue Crush''). After a lot of training and head-butting with a smarmy police captain, the squad gets assigned to transfer the head of a European crime cartel (Olivier Martinez, ''Unfaithful'') who's declared on television that he'll give $100 million to anyone who gets him out. Every scumbag in Los Angeles descends to claim the money, turning a routine transfer into a bullet-filled gauntlet. Despite some gaps in logic and a generic flavor, ''S.W.A.T.'' will satisfy most action-movie junkies. Also featuring LL Cool J and Josh Charles. ''--Bret Fetzer'' ===DVD Features=== *Gag Reel *Deleted Scenes *2 Full-Length Commentaries *4 Revealing Featurettes *'Sound & Fury' of S.W.A.T. *Filmographies


Samuel L. JacksonSgt. Dan 'Hondo' Harrelson
Colin FarrellJim Street
Michelle RodriguezChris Sanchez
LL Cool JDeacon 'Deke' Kay
Josh CharlesT.J. McCabe
Jeremy RennerBrian Gamble
Brian Van HoltMichael Boxer
Olivier MartinezAlex Montel
Reg E. CatheyLt. Greg Velasquez
Larry PoindexterCapt. Thomas Fuller
Page KennedyTravis
Ken DavitianUncle Martin Gascoigne
Gregory SporlederRobber #1

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