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===Story=== Mohan Bhargav is a NASA engineer working on a rainfall monitoring satellite known as the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM), which is lifted into an orbit aboard the Space Shuttle. Completely engrossed in his high-profile job, he has little time for himself. But, one day, he decides to give it all a break and visits his homeland. Mohan left his country for a better life abroad, but now, he faces an emotional conflict -- whether to stay in his homeland or return to the United States. The movie is a modern tale dealing with the awakening of the human spirit.


Shahrukh KhanMohan Bhargava
Gayatri JoshiRadha
Makrand DeshpandeFakir
Kishori BallalKaveriamma
Lekh TandonDadaji
Rajesh VivekNivaaran
Daya Shanker PandeyMelaram
Farrukh JaffarPanch Fatima
Vishnudutt GaurVishnudutt
Raja AwasthiPanch Gungadin
Visshwa BadolaPanch Munishwar
Bhim VakaniPanch Narayan
Dilip AmbekarPanch Hariya
Rajesh BalwaniRahul
Rahul VohraVinod
Bachan PachehraHaridas
Peter RawleyJohn Stockton
Master Smit ShethChikku

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