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Survivor: Vanuatu - The Complete Season

===Story=== The ninth season of the CBS competitive reality show Survivor takes place on an island in the South Pacific's Ring of Fire where there is more volcanic activity than in any other place on Earth. Hence the "official" title of this season's 15 episodes, Survivor: Vanuatu - Islands of Fire. This year, 18 contestants ranging in age from 21 to 59 participate in the many exhausting challenges leading to the selection of the sole survivor, who in turn will walk home with one million dollars after enduring 39 days on the island. Outside of the cast of the previous year's Survivor: All-Stars, this is the largest number of players ever seen during a single season -- two more than the standard 16. As in Survivor: The Amazon, the contestants are divided into tribes by gender, with the women formed into the Yasur tribe, and the men comprising the Lopevis. Departures from the usual Survivor format during season nine include the participation of local natives in the various challenges; the presence of a contestant (Chad Crittenden) with a prosthetic leg; and the fact that two of the female players are lesbians. Also, for only the second time in Survivor history, a natural disaster -- in this case an earthquake -- figures into the proceedings. ===DVD Features=== *Audio commentaries on select episodes by Chris Daugherty, Twila Tanner, Scout Cloud Lee, Eliza Orlins, Julie Berry, Ami Cusack, and Jeff Probst *Fire, Fire Everywhere *On Shaky Ground *Solitary Man *A Taste of Home


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