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===Story=== Nick Jr.'s charming children's television series "The Backyardigans" celebrates the power of imagination with a fun blend of vibrant computer animation and energetic musical sequences. Aimed at preschool children ages 2 to 5, the series centers on five colorful animal friends who transform their yards into magical fantasy lands that serve as backdrops for their musical adventures. As the talented fivesome break into song and dance with well-crafted original music and fanciful choreography, children are encouraged to join in the fun for an interactive experience that fosters creative thinking and physical movement. This volume presents two more fun-filled episodes: in "Surf's Up," the gang rides the waves to some upbeat Afro-pop music; and in "Riding the Range" they have a hip-hop hoedown in the Wild West.


Shia LaBeoufCody Maverick
Jeff BridgesZeke 'Big Z' Topanga
Zoeey DeschanelLani Aliikai
Jon HederChicken Joe
James WoodsReggie Belafonte
Diedrich BaderTank 'The Shredder' Evans
Mario CantoneMikey Abromowitz
Kelly SlaterKelly
Rob MachadoRob
Brian PosehnGlen Maverick
Dana BelbenEdna Maverick

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