: : : Superjail! Season Two
===Story=== Jacknife is up to no good and is back to committing illegal crimes. This never lasts long, however, Jailbot comes to the rescue. Jailbot, the Warden's pet robot, is Jacknife's predator. Once the prey is caught, Jailbot returns to the mysterious and magical realms of the psychedelic kingdom called Superjail! Chaotic killing sprees, days filled of mayhem, and more trippy' spells blast the sanity right out of the viewer's mind. Warden, Jared, and Alice return in season two of Superjail! only this time with more problematic propositions, creations of mass destruction, and the tricky trials of, we could never forget, The Twins. Season Two crashes onto this divine jail's shores bringing with it all new characters, more witty dialog, and vibrant animation that is only created from the show's new producer, Titmouse. ===DVD Features===


David WainWarden
Christy KaracasAlice, Jacknife
Teddy CohnJared
Richard MatharThe Twins
Christopher McCullochInmate Couple

May 4, 11 12:34am

Animation comes alive on a bizarre level. Extremely, psychedelic the mind is never...

Apr 25, 11 7:36pm
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