===Description=== The rare style of animation that Superjail! Season One adds to television is breathtaking, creates obsession, and throws viewers into one intense trip. Season One is judged to have a rare style, one; the creators used precision stop-motion animation, two; the writer's choice of forming alacrity, comedy, and inspiring words, and three; the artists use a form of psychedelic art and create transitions that intermingle scene to scene. The style of animation used to create season one was stop-motion, but the creators also took their time to create plenty of stills to produce a smooth and virtuous animated TV show. Alacrity can be heard throughout the zone of Superjail! with the spotlight on two characters, each very much the same, but each very much different. There are plenty of comical actions that occur in each episode, from characters getting squashed by cars to an all out war among inmates fighting for life. To watch one inmate rip apart another may sound sick but it's actually sickly funny. The writers of season one form clauses and sentences specifically in cases wear they create the scene and follow it; producing for example, a battle among two co-workers at the jail fight while spiting lines that mix along with what they are planning to use in the attack. The art used to create Superjail! is a pinnacle of psychedelics which justifies season one the right to the award for best-psychedelic-animation of the year. Not only are the psychedelics at it's climax the technique used in which the creators transitioned from scene to scene is phenomenal in respects to how cleanly each scene switches into another. ===Story=== The tale of Superjail! is of three co-workers supervising superjail, a flying robot to watch over, two mischievously crafty twins, a gang of inmates, and plenty of other characters to meet along the psychedelic trip. Leading superjail is the Warden. He's a man full of personality, a blend of magic, and plenty of conceit. The Warden also strives for multi-billion dollar ideas ranging from new ways to torture the inmates to universalizing superjail. With his purple top hat, red bow-tie, purple jacket and pants the Warden has the ultimate decision on what sort of trippy things go down in his Superjail! Jared is the secondary supervisor of superjail. Fighting alcoholism in the past, Jared retires to superjail to hopefully get away from the negative influence, if only he had brains. Jared actually appears to be quite smart, loves to do detective work, and has one goal, to please the Warden. Jared in his shortness may never be able to rise to the same height as his boss but he can sure cause a part when it comes to space dust. This may be Superjail but every jail has to have a guard, Alice is the one for that position. Alice enjoys bubble baths while choosing who she loves in a book of all inmates while she also dreams of being a king, or a queen we should say. Was she once a man or once a woman, or in between, we may never know. Jailbot! Programmed for good, this flying robot is whom brings home those types of people who deserve to go to superjail for horrible crimes they commit. While he watches over the jail, Jailbot also enjoys his owner, the Warden, and loves his company. The Twins, a mysterious duo, magically appear and disappear inside superjail at what could be some of the worst times. Usually during these times the two are up to no-good and have started complete chaos amongst the inmates inside superjail. When these two crafty masterminds get too smart for their own likings they may even go for the most important, the Warden. ===DVD Features=== Includes all 10 episodes that premiered on television as well as the pilot-Bunny Love episode.


David WainThe Warden
Teddy CohnJared
Christy KaracasAlice
Richard MatharThe Twins

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