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The good:

  • It's another high school teen movie comedy for all who love these kind of movies.
  • Some scenes will just leave you laughing for about 5 minutes.
  • McLovin has the greatest night ever in the night of the party in Superbad.
  • The two cops are absolutely hilarious, and are just the stereotypical American policemen.
  • One of the female actresses in the movie who plays the part of Becca is extremely good looking, and that's worth a 'good' for me.
  • I didn't expect it to be that good. I just thought it was over-hyped but it's actually very funny.
  • I suppose it has the night of a typical teen where it shows how people 'think' they need to get drunk to have a good time. Surely this isn't true though.

The bad:

  • This movie has the typical romantic teen ending, as I was expecting. It's not that it's bad in anyway, it's just really repetitive in a movie. Some may say it's needed to have such a good ending.
  • There is a lot of vulgar language in the movie so you may not enjoy it as much if you are easily offended by bad language.
  • It's a little immature at times and you'll find yourself only laughing at some scenes if you have an immature sense of humour.


When I set out to watch this movie, I didn't want to expect too much from it, because when I heard so many people talking about how good it was, I didn't want to be disappointed. But it turned out okay as I really enjoyed the movie and thought it was very funny at times.

Basically the story is about two teenage males named Seth and Evan who are finishing their final year of high school. Nearing the end of the year, the two are hoping for a party invite for a graduation celebration. Luckily Seth is asked was he available for a graduation party at one of his classmate's house. Jules (home economic classmate of Seth and Evan) asks would Seth be able to buy some alcohol for the party she is having at her house. Evan didn't have any problems with this as neither of the two were at many high school parties, and he knew that Becca would be there. Becca being a girl that he is attracted to, and she is also a friend of Jules. Being attracted to Jules, Seth accepts the offer without hesitation, even though he is under the age of 21, and isn't legally allowed to buy any alcohol. But Seth also remembers that one of his other friends, Fogell (McLovin) said he would be able to get the alcohol as he was getting a fake ID from somebody later that day. Jules gives him the money and is relying on Seth to get the alcohol, otherwise the party isn't going to go down too well with other people.

Both Seth and Evan are worried Fogell will let the two of them down as he was already late to receive the ID. When they finally catch up with Fogell, he had received the fake ID. He showed it to them, and it said that Fogell was a 25 year old organ donor named McLovin (McLovin being his full name). Seth goes berserk at Fogell's idiocy and already believes that this plan to buy alcohol would fail miserably. Believing that the plan will fail, Seth tells himself that he is going to steal the alcohol from another store. He goes into the store and straight to the alcohol section. Being watched by the security guard, Seth bottles the opportunity to steal the alcohol and just leaves the store. So, their last resort is to actually use Fogell's fake ID and hope for the best. And so the movie sets off from there!

The movie is a comedy, so if you enjoy having a laugh and that, your attention should certainly be kept. The only way you would actually lose attention to this movie, is if you were laughing at a previous scene for so long. It is the type of movie that will leave you laughing for quite a while at certain bits. Well, at least for me anyway. I didn't have any problems with this movie and keeping my attention on it as I remember pretty much everything that happened. And I did watch it at like, 3am in the morning too.


  • Jonah Hill as Seth
  • Michael Cera as Evan
  • Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Fogell (a.k.a. "McLovin")
  • Bill Hader as Officer Slater
  • Seth Rogen as Officer Michaels
  • Martha MacIsaac as Becca
  • Emma Stone as Jules
  • Aviva Farber as Nicola
  • Joe Lo Truglio as Francis the Driver
  • Kevin Corrigan as Mark
  • Carla Gallo as Period Blood Girl
  • Erica Phillips as Mindy
  • Stacy Edwards as Jane, Evan's Mother
  • Clement Blake as Homeless Guy
  • Donna Hardy as Elderly woman in liquor store

Seth: He's probably the funniest of the three friends. He always sort of loses his temper very quickly. When I think about it now, he sort of reminds me of an Eric Cartman from South Park! He is attracted to a girl named Jules from his home economics class and wants to get her drunk at the graduation party as he feels she would never get with him if she was sober. I don't really want to say how things plan out as it will ruin the movie. So you're better off just watching the movie and finding out!

Evan: He is definitely the shy teenager of the movie. He is best friends with Seth, and has been since he was 8 years of age. He is moving into a college that Seth couldn't get into, so the two of them will part after high school. Neither of the two are happy about this, but again neither will admit it. Evan is extremely attracted to this shy girl in his maths class named Becca. She is just as crazy about him as he is of her. Although neither of them will say it to each other because they are so shy towards one another. Seth convinces Evan to buy Becca alcohol for the party.

Fogell: Fogell has certainly got the best night out of everybody in this movie. After getting his fake ID and risking the option of buying some alcohol for Seth and Evan, he bumps into two cops that are on the investigation of the store. Whilst Fogell is about to buy the alcohol, some guy comes into the store and punches him unconscious and steals all the money from the cashier's till. The two policemen arrive and are absolutely useless at solving the mystery, and offer to take Fogell to the party he was suppose to be at. So he finds himself in the back of a police car for the majority of the night. But don't let that fool you! He has an incredible night in this movie.

Officer Slater & Officer Michaels: The two of these are so funny in this movie. They are both such a stereotype for American policemen. They act so ridiculously stupid and their interactions with each other happen to be very funny. They're both immature cops in their late 20s/early 30s (at a guess). The two of them spend the night with Fogell in their police car, and they find themselves trying to stop a crook in a bar. On their attempt to catch him, they fail and he almost gets away, only for Fogell being clumsy, they stopped him. The reason they took the call in the bar was to have a refreshment beer afterwards! The two of these cops make this movie worth watching and they're just really dumb, but very funny.

Becca: She is the shy girl from Evan's math class. She is actually really attractive, and her shy side soon gets erased when she gets drunk at the high school party. She is crazy about Evan, and it's fairly obvious but she is still too shy to say it to him.

Jules: Jules is the friend of Seth, who gave him the money to buy alcohol for the party. She is relying on him to get the alcohol, just like he said he would. She isn't in many scenes in the movie - only at the beginning, at the party and at the very end of the movie.

Hmm, I'm not really sure what could be said about the graphics to be quite straight with you. I suppose you can say there are no faults with the graphics, I suppose. But there isn't really much to be said, the graphics are just like any other good movie I've seen. There are no nudity scenes, although there is a lingerie scene during the party, and also a pretty disgusting scene of the period blood girl at another party they find themselves in at the beginning of the night. But besides that, there isn't much to say really.

The director of Superbad is Greg Mottola. He has directed other movies like Swingin' In The Painters Room, The Daytrippers, Adventureland and he is also working on a new upcoming movie named Paul. I've not seen any of the other movies he has directed, but if they are comedies and are anything like Superbad, I'm sure they're very good and funny. I'd never heard of him beforehand, but I don't know much about directors myself. If you've seen any of his other movies, you might be interested in seeing Superbad that much more.

There isn't much music in the movie from what I do remember after my first watch, but I do remember one scene before they go to one of the parties uninvited, Stranglehold by Ted Nugent comes on. It really sets the mood of the scene as it just seems to fit, you know? It gave me goosebumps when it came on. I'm not sure if that was because it was a good time to pick such a song, or if it was because I liked the song myself and actually didn't expect it to come on. That's the only song I remember hearing in the movie, but I'm sure there were others. They just don't spring to mind right now. To put it blunt, if I knew the songs, I would have remembered them just as well as I remembered Stranglehold.

From my remembrance, the whole movie features in English. I don't remember any foreign language in the movie so if you are fluent in English and understand it well (well I'm sure you do if you're reading this!), then the movie shouldn't be a problem to you. The accents in the movie are typical American accents, which are more easily understood in movies than any other in my opinion.

To sum this movie up, I would say it's a lot funnier than I expected. As mentioned above, there are scenes that will leave you laughing for a long duration of time, and I still laugh about these scenes now when I think them over. McLovin's night really makes me chuckle as it was unexpectedly excellent and happened to have a better night than anyone else in the movie. The only disappointment, is the romantic ending that you see in most teen movies. But that said, I suppose it's better than a sad ending to a movie. A very enjoyable movie in my eyes, I'm considering watching it again soon in fact.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good comedy, or a good immature comedy at that. I for one think American comedies are much better than any other. I don't know what it is, they just seem to have better humour than anyone else really. It's also a movie you could watch if you need cheering up. But yes, I would definitely watch this movie if you haven't already seen it. It's excellent.

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