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===Story=== An everyday man's wife falls under the influence of a drug dealer. In retaliation, he transforms himself into The Crimson Bolt. This superhero has the best of intentions, yet he lacks in the heroic skills department. ===DVD Features===


Rainn WilsonFrank D'Arbo / The Crimson Bolt
Ellen PageLibby / Boltie
Liv TylerSarah Helgeland
Kevin BaconJacques
Gregg HenryDetective John Felkner
Michael RookerAbe
Andre RoyoHamilton
Sean GunnToby
Stephen BlackehartQuill
Linda CardelliniPet Store Employee
Nathan FillionThe Holy Avenger
Edrick BrowneNathaniel
Don MacMr. Range
Mollie MilliganSarah's Sister / Jennifer
Lindsay SoileauBlonde / Molly
Greg IngramHood
Christine QuinnStoner Girl
Brandon BelknapChristian
Mikaela HooverHolly
Mario JimenezChicken
Nick HolmesJim

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