===Story=== Miguel Santos, a.k.a Azucar, a Dominican pitcher from San Pedro de Macoris, struggles to make it to the big leagues and pull himself and his family out of poverty. Playing professionally at the Kansas City Knights baseball academy, Miguel finally gets his break at age 19 when he advances to the United States' minor league system. Miguel travels from his tight knit community in the Dominican Republic to a small town in Iowa, corn country, where he and a couple other Latin American teammates are the only Spanish-speaking people in the vicinity. As Miguel struggles with the new language and culture, despite the welcoming efforts of his host family, he is faced with an isolation he never before experienced. When his play on the mound falters, he begins examining more closely the world around him and his place within it, and ultimately questions the single-mindedness of his life's ambition.


Algenis Perez SotoMiguel 'Sugar' Santos
Rayniel RufinoJorge Ramirez
Andre HollandJohnson
Ann WhitneyHelen Higgins
Ellary PorterfieldAnne Higgins
Jaime TirelliOsvaldo
Jose RijoAlvarez
Michael GastonStu Sutton
Richard BullEarl Higgins
Karl BuryRudy
Byron Browne
Eddie Martinez (II)|+|Rafael
Sandor TecsyNikolai
Jose Luis RomeroJosé

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