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Based on the "Street Fighter 2" video game series. The evil Shadaloo organization, led by M. Bison, has been looking for the strongest fighter in the world for their evil intented experiments. He targets Ryu, the "World Warrior" and skilled fighter, using Ryu's old partner/rival Ken as a pawn to lure Ryu into his trap. Meanwhile, Guile and Chun-Li also ally with each other in an effort to stop Bison's syndicate and criminal ring.

DVD Features

Uncut edition includes 5 minutes of footage originally edited from the rated version.


Kojiro Shimizu
Kenji Haga
Miki Fujitani
Masatane Tsukayama

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Jul 12, 09 3:52pm
Neat and neat, and I wish it could be longer..! StreetFighter2TheAnimatedMovie
Mar 24, 05 10:06pm

This is one of my favorite anime movies. I like the rumor on this movie also the...

Feb 03, 05 1:35am

This is my first review I've written on a movie. Overall it's a pretty good movie....

Aug 09, 04 8:01am

The first animated movie based on the popular "Street Fighter II" video game...

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9.0 / 10