: : : Strayed
===Story=== Set in 1940 at the beginning of France's occupation by the Germans, STRAYED stars French film icon Emmanuelle Beart (Nathalie, 8 Women ias Odile, a young and beautiful widow fleeing Paris with her two children. When German planes bomb the road filled with refugees, Odile's car is destroyed and the three must escape into the woods. There they encounter Yvan (sexy newcomer Gaspard Ulliel - Brotherhood of the Wolf), a 17 year-old illiterate delinquent whose survival skills and charm soon prove indispensable. They soon take shelter in an abandoned house and become a makeshift family. Odile, at once suspicious of and attracted to the mysterious stranger, soon finds herself at the center of a fascinating set of personal and sexual dynamics. One of the most respected filmmakers in France, Andre Techine (Wild Reeds, Redez-Vous) once again, builds on his reputation as one of the most sensitive and intelligent filmmakers working today. ===DVD Features=== * Interviews with Andre Techine, Gaspard Ulliel and Gilles Perrault * Storyboards * Photo Galleries * Filmographies * Trailers


Emmanuelle Beart
Gaspard Ulliel
Clemence Meyer
Gregoire Leprince-Ringuet
Jean Fornerod
Samuel Labarthe
Eric Kreikenmayer

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7.2 / 10