: : : Stratos 4: Return to Base


The four gorgeous girls, the elite interceptor force known as the "Meteor Sweepers," return to base on beautiful Shimoji Island to relax and celebrate their latest success. Annette and Chizuru fly in to visit while their orbital station is taken offline for repairs. Their brief time off soon turns to tragedy when an accident in space sends Orbital Station 7 hurtling on an uncontrollable crash course to Earth! The visiting girls are quickly launched back up to the station to help: however, the station's lifeboat leaves without them. It's now up to Mikaze, Shizuha, Ayamo and Karin to save the planet! But, will they be able to save their friends during the process!

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    Elisa FiorilloAyamo Nakamura
    Lisa EnochsShizuha Doi
    Rachel KempelMikaze Honjyo
    Stacey QKarin Kikuhara
    Greg LastrapesKazuma Iwasaki
    Michael-Ann RoweSayaka Kisaragi
    Thomas ScofieldKei Fujitani
    Alla KardotBetty Boozeman
    Carrie GordonRan Mikuriya
    Chris OgdenSora Ikeda
    Debbie GrattanRin Mikiura
    Devin KaminTsubasa Miyasawa
    Laurel HatfieldAnnette Keily
    Leisa Jo WallerMiharu Ohzora

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