: : : Stratos 4 Flight 04 - Interception

Stratos 4 Flight 04 - Interception

===Story=== The last mission! Mysterious men have taken Karin away after she collapses, but on her cellular phone she has written, "Help me!" Mikaze and Shizuha head for Tokyo to rescue Karin. Karin was never admitted to the hospital she was supposedly taken to? When it turns out Karin has been taken to Orbital Station 7, Mikaze, Shizuha, and Ayamo board a supply shuttle to the space station. Upon arrival, they find that a few members of the station crew have managed to avoid being infected by the alien virus. They work with the crew to help overpower the infected members and save Karin. But a huge meteor, Nigel, is coming closer and closer to Earth. Most of the Comet Blasters are out of commission because of the virus, leaving no pilots except for Mikaze, Shizuha, Ayamo and Karin! ===DVD Features=== * Staff/Cast comments * "SAC-0" Plane Design * "Rainbow Kind of Feeling" Music Video * "Stratos 4" OVA Preview * 4 character music videos


Elisa FiorilloAyamo Nakamura
Lisa EnochsShizuha Doi
Rachel KempelMikaze Honjyo
Stacey QKarin Kikuhara
Greg LastrapesKazuma Iwasaki
Michael-Ann RoweSayaka Kisaragi
Thomas ScofieldKei Fujitani
Alla KardotBetty Boozeman
Carrie GordonRan Mikuriya
Chris OgdenSora Ikeda
Debbie GrattanRin Mikiura
Devin KaminTsubasa Miyasawa
Laurel HatfieldAnnette Keily
Leisa Jo WallerMiharu Ohzora

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