: : : Stratos 4 Flight 02 - Turbulence

Stratos 4 Flight 02 - Turbulence

===Story=== When the annual base festival arrives, so do the parents and that spells trouble for the girls! The girls take a vacation to a hot springs, where their relaxation is interrupted by some crazy conspiracy nuts. Upon their return, they’ll have to study hard for the Comet Blaster qualification exam. While studying, a state of emergency is issued when all the orbital stations go silent. They are forced to destroy incoming comets using only ground-based interceptors. What in the world is going on in the space stations? ===DVD Features=== * Trailers * Stratos 4 Voice Actress Vacation - Island Day 2 * YAK-28MST Design * US Crew Filmography


Elisa FiorilloAyamo Nakamura
Lisa EnochsShizuha Doi
Rachel KempelMikaze Honjyo
Stacey QKarin Kikuhara
Greg LastrapesKazuma Iwasaki
Michael-Ann RoweSayaka Kisaragi
Thomas ScofieldKei Fujitani
Alla KardotBetty Boozeman
Carrie GordonRan Mikuriya
Chris OgdenSora Ikeda
Debbie GrattanRin Mikiura
Devin KaminTsubasa Miyasawa
Laurel HatfieldAnnette Keily
Leisa Jo WallerMiharu Ohzora

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