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Comets are on a collision course with Earth! Sounds like just another bad Hollywood movie right? WRONG! With impending comets threatening to destroy Earth, an elite interceptor force known as the ‘Meteor Sweepers’ are entrusted with the task of destroying these life threatening comets before they enter Earth’s atmosphere. Mikaze Honjo is a teen pilot and part of the ‘Meteor Sweepers’, she and her other 3 squadron members are based at Shimoji Island in Okinawa. While active duty slows down, the team spends their free time managing a local ramen shop. But just as Mikaze starts losing motivation in her work, she’ll suddenly discover a new goal in life…

DVD Features

  • Trailers
  • Voice Actor Vacation - Island DAy 1
  • Mechanical File Lecture
  • Textless Opening
  • Textless Ending


    Elisa FiorilloAyamo Nakamura
    Lisa EnochsShizuha Doi
    Rachel KempelMikaze Honjyo
    Stacey QKarin Kikuhara
    Greg LastrapesKazuma Iwasaki
    Michael-Ann RoweSayaka Kisaragi
    Thomas ScofieldKei Fujitani
    Alla KardotBetty Boozeman
    Carrie GordonRan Mikuriya
    Chris OgdenSora Ikeda
    Debbie GrattanRin Mikiura
    Devin KaminTsubasa Miyasawa
    Laurel HatfieldAnnette Keily
    Leisa Jo WallerMiharu Ohzora

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