: : : Stolen Summer
===Story=== It's a great relief--and not just to the filmmakers--that ''Stolen Summer'' turned out so well. As winner of the first Project Greenlight contest, aspiring filmmaker Pete Jones was plucked from obscurity to direct his winning screenplay for this touching drama, in which young Catholic Pete O'Malley (Adi Stein) learns that there's more than one route to Heaven. During summer vacation 1976, this earnest second-grader learns from his fireman father (Aidan Quinn) that "Jews can't get into [Catholic] Heaven," and decides to earn his heavenly passage by attempting to convert the young son (Mike Weinberg) of a local rabbi (Kevin Pollak). Interfaith friendships develop, and the situation yields heartfelt humor in Jones's compassionate, tolerantly sentimental screenplay. Quinn, Pollak, and Bonnie Hunt (as Pete's mom) are exceptional in well-drawn roles, and for all his first-time jitters and penchant for pathos, Jones earns the opportunity that talent and good luck gave him: ''Stolen Summer'' is the kind of sweetly humanitarian film that Hollywood could use more of. ''--Jeff Shannon''


Aidan QuinnJoe O'Malley
Bonnie HuntMargaret O'Malley
Kevin PollakRabbi Jacobsen
Eddie Kaye ThomasPatrick O'Malley
Mike WeinbergDanny Jacobsen
Brian DennehyFather Kelly
Ryan KelleySeamus O'Malley
Lindsay LightKatie O'Malley
Will MalnatiEddie O'Malley

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