: : : Stitch! The Movie
===Story=== All the characters of the warm and fluffy "Lilo and Stitch" are back! In "Stitch! - The Movie", Stitch, Jumba, and Peakley are all living with Lilo and Nani. But no one knows that Jumba had secretly deactivated all 625 of is other expiriments and brought them with him. The ex-captain Gantu, hired by Jumba's former partner, Dr. Jacques von Hamsterveil, goes to find them, and captures Jumba to interigate him into telling where they are. Now, Lilo and Stitch have to save Stitch's ohana from being used for chaos. Two expiriemnts are activated in this movie: 221, "Sparky", with the ability to cause big electric surges, and 625 who has all the abilites of Stitch, but is lasier. At least he makes good sandwiches! ===DVD Features=== Experiment Finder gives us another in the seemingly unending line of games found on Disney DVDs. As with many of these, it�s little more than a random search contest. You locate the critters and then plop them in appropriate locales. Dr. Hamsterviel's Trivia Challenge for Trivial Earthlings presents two options: "Genius Level" for questions about the movie, and "Super-Genius Level" for queries about the TV show. The former requires that you paid attention during the flick, but it shouldn't be too hard if you did. Experiment Gallery, pictures and notes about 21 of the Experiments. A Music Video of "Aloha, E Komo Mai" by Jump 5, which is also the theme song of the TV Series.


Tia Carrere
Ving Rhames
David Ogden Stiers
Chris Sanders (III)
Daveigh Chase

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