===Story=== Taken from Australian TV, ''Still Twisted'' is an anthology of four vignettes. Starting off the collection is the tale of a young woman who hits a pedestrian and drives off, only to have her conscience get the better of her and eventually find out that there's a nasty twist to the story. The second installment is the story of an ex-ballroom champion and lonely divorced dad with some skeletons in his closet. The third (and perhaps the best) segment involves an overconfident hit man who gets an unexpected comeuppance. Rounding out the collection is a claustrophobic story of a woman trapped in a remote railway station with a strange clerk. Hosted by producer Bryan Brown, ''Still Twisted'' shows its TV roots but is still creepy, worthwhile fare. Think ''The Twilight Zone'' or ''Alfred Hitchcock Presents'' with a Down Under accent. ''--Jerry Renshaw''


Bryan Brown
Still Twisted

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