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Steel Angel Kurumi: Complete Collection

===Story=== In Japan's Taisho era, the Japanese Government creates the Steel Angel, a female android possessing unmatched powers and battle abilities. Powered by "Angel Hearts", they would be fiercely loyal to the master who awakened them. Initially built for purposes of good, some were taken over by the forces of evil. One day 11-year-old Nakahito becomes separated from friends and finds himself in an underground laboratory where he discovers Kurumi, the strongest Steel Angel. When activity above causes an earthquake, Nakahito finds himself kissing Kurumi, which brings her to life! Now Nakahito must learn to live with Kurumi and her "sisters", Saki & Karinka, while searching for the kidnapped scientist who develoiped the Steel Angels. The Complete Collection contains all 24 episodes of Season 1, the 4-episode Encore OVA, and all 12 episodes of Season 2 in 1 box set. ===DVD Features=== Interviews with English voice actors and director
Behind-the-scenes photo shoots
Japanese Audio/Dialogue
Extended Episode Previews
Textless Japanese Opening
English Subtitles
Steel Angel Kurumi Mini-Comic
Steel Angel Fortune Tellers (DVD-ROM feature) Original Trailers/Teasers


Hilary Haag
Monica Rial
Kelli Cousins
Kira Vincent-Davis
Atsuko Enomoto
Rie Tanaka

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