: : : Starship Trooper 2: Hero of the Federation

Starship Trooper 2: Hero of the Federation

===Story=== We are sent back to the battlefield, as the Federation's best Mobile Infantry unit are slowly being overpowered by the killer bugs. They are light years from the nearest reinforcements and are trapped on a remote outpost. They set up protection around the post, keeping all the bugs waiting for them to leave. But now the enemy is in the outpost, in a way which they would have never thought of. ===DVD Features===


Billy BrownPvt. Ottis Brick
Richard BurgiCapt. V.J. Dax
Kelly CarlsonPvt. Charlie Soda
Cy CarterPvt. Billy Otter
Sandrine HoltPvt. Jill Sandee
Ed LauterGen. Jack Gordon Shepherd
J.P. ManouxTSgt. Ari Peck
Lawrence MonosonLt. Pavlov Dill
Colleen PorchPvt. Lei Sahara
Drew PowellPvt. Kipper Tor
Ed QuinnCpl. Joe Griff
Jason-Shane ScottPvt. Duff Horton
Brenda StrongSgt. Dede Rake
Brian TeeCpl. Thom Kobe
David WellsRecruiting Sergeant

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