: : : Stargate: The Ark of Truth
===Story=== Blasting off where the Sci-Fi Channel's longest running show, Stargate SG-1, left off, this thrilling feature thrusts the Stargate team - Daniel Jackson, Vala, Teal'c, Samantha Carter and Cameron Mitchell - into their biggest challenge yet. In search of an Ancient artefact they hope can defeat the oppressive Ori, the team not only learns that the Ori are set to launch a final assault on Earth, but a double-crossing I.O. operative is aboard the Odyssey! Also starring Beau Bridges, this pulse-pounder is loaded with enough suspense, humour and action to fill a galaxy!


Ben BrowderLt. Col. Cameron Mitchell
Amanda TappingLt. Col. Samantha Carter
Christopher JudgeTeal'c
Michael ShanksDr. Daniel Jackson
Beau BridgesMjr. Gen. Henry Landry
Claudia BlackVala Mal Doran
Currie GrahamJames Marrick
Morena BaccarinAdria
Tim GuineeTomin
Julian SandsDoci
Sarah StrangeMorgan Le Fay/Ganos Lal
Michael BeachColonel Abe Ellis
Gary JonesChief Master Sgt. Walter Harriman

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