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===Story=== The biggest change for ''Stargate SG-1'''s sixth season was its move to the Sci-Fi Channel. Financial rescue or genre haven from cancellation? Whatever the behind-the-scenes politics, the departure of Daniel Jackson (actor Michael Shanks) the previous year most certainly contributed to the need to run a tighter ship somewhere. With the addition of his replacement, Jonas Quinn, the new show dynamic (hinted at by the new title theme) meant far more convolutedly involved story arcs and less individual focus. One of very few solo spotlights came from Christopher Judge writing his own show, when "The Changeling" saw Teal'c act out a life as a fireman. One reason for its being a fan favorite was the cameo from still-alive-after-all Daniel Jackson. There'd be several more through the year, culminating in a finale that relied on how much attention you'd been paying to that all-important back-story. Other kooky cameos included Dean Stockwell in one of the many spotlights on the energy resource n'quadria, Ian Buchanan as one of the devilish Replicators (and hopefully the end of that plotline), and regular spots from John DeLancie, Ronny Cox, and Tom McBeath as the Earth-bound series bad guys. More pertinently, we also saw ''The X-Files''' Byers (Bruce Harwood) as a scientist involved with the Antarctic Gate. Lest we forget, there are other portals on Earth. Is that an already planned spin-off on the horizon? ''--Paul Tonks''


Richard Dean AndersonColonel Jack O'Neill
Amanda TappingMajor Samantha Carter
Christopher JudgeTeal'c
Corin NemecJonas Quinn
Don S. DavisMajor General George Hammond
Tony AmendolaMaster Bra'tac
Bruce HarwoodDr. Osbourne
Dorian HarewoodThoran
Blu MankumaSheriff Knox
John de LancieColonel Frank Simmons
Ronny CoxSenator Robert Kinsey
François ChauChinese Ambassador

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    North AmericaJun 7, 2002
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