: : : Spymate
===Story=== Minkey, a Chimpanzee, and his partner Mike Muggins are the best there is at "The Agency". For these Spymates all missions are considered possible. But when their last mission gets too hairy, Mike decides to leave the dangerous world of spy espionage to take care of his daughter Amelia. Head down and knuckles dragging, Minkey heads off looking for a new life. He joins the circus. It doesn't take long before Minkey is the star attraction. Ten years pass, Mike is an insurance salesman living with his 12-year-old daughter, who has a passion for inventions. Amelia created the prototype to a revolutionary chemical drill. She is honored with the National Scientific Achievement Award. Presenting the award to Amelia is her greatest hero, Dr. Farley, who also invites her to the Scientist Conference in Japan. Farley is secretly building a full-scale version of Amelia's drill, to unleah the world's most powerful energy source at the Earth's core. It could, however, cause a massive earthquake - destroying all of Japan! Mike and Minkey must partner up one last time for their most important mission ever... to save Amelia! Minkey, the kung-fu fighting, trapeze flying, mountain climbing chimpanzee and his partner Mike to on a whirlwind adventure guaranteed to make you hoot.


Barry BostwickPresident
Jay BrazeauRingmaster
Richard KindDr. Farley
Kathryn KirkpatrickBetty
Taras KostyukMelmar
Pat MoritaKiro
Chris PotterMike Muggins
Emma RobertsAmelia
Debra Jo RuppEdith
Michael Bailey SmithHugo
Musetta VanderDr. Amour
Mark AchesonRocco

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