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===Story=== Spot the dog leaped from the pages of Eric Hill's books to the Disney Channel some time ago, and now he has his own full-length video. The 13 animated segments (each 4.5 minutes long) feature the puppy, his parents, and pals Helen the hippo, Steve the monkey, and Tom the crocodile in such everyday adventures as building a tree house, camping in the back yard, and donning costumes for a homemade theatrical production. Lovers of the simply illustrated books will recognize such familiar landmarks as the stairway, the rug, and the sofa, as well as the same understandable themes (share, cooperate with adults, follow through). In a universe away from his Oscar-nominated turn in ''The Sixth Sense'', Haley Joel Osment provides Spot's voice. Each short story includes an original song and is followed by a brief live-action segment in which kids extrapolate Spot's lesson with their own in "Spot's Garden," an outdoor set that incorporates nature with dress-up boxes. This 74-minute video can easily be viewed in segments by toddlers and preschoolers. ''--Kimberly Heinrichs''


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