: : : Splash
===Story=== Tom Hanks was a relatively unknown TV actor with a sitcom as his biggest credit when relatively unknown director Ron Howard (best known for his own sitcom acting) cast him in this surprise hit. It made stars of Hanks, Daryl Hannah, and John Candy and an A-list director out of Howard. Hannah is a mermaid who comes to Manhattan in search of Hanks, the guy she has twice saved from drowning. Hanks runs a business with his lovable blowhard brother (Candy), whose goal in life is to have a letter published in ''Penthouse''. When this perfect woman shows up, Hanks can't believe his luck and plunges into a dizzyingly romantic relationship, unaware of her sea-water secret. But the mermaid needs to soak and unfurl her tail from time to time, which leads to complications, including her capture by the government for scientific study (what else?). Hanks is winningly charming and Hannah is a perfect match in this enjoyably high-spirited comedy, though the biggest laughs belong to Candy. ''--Marshall Fine'' ===DVD Features=== *Available subtitles: Spanish *Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.1), Spanish *Commentary by director Ron Howard, producer Brian Glazer, writers Lowell Ganz & Babaloo Mandel with and introduction and closing by Ron Howard *Tom Hanks & Daryl Hannah auditions *"Making a Splash" new making-of feature


Tom HanksAllen Bauer
Daryl HannahMadison
Eugene LevyWalter Kornbluth
John CandyFreddie Bauer
Howard MorrisDr. Zidell
Patrick CroninMichaelson
Jeff DoucetteJunior
Royce D. ApplegateBuckwalter
Tony LongoAugie
Ronald F. HoiseckDr. Johannsen
Joe GrifasiManny
Rance HowardMcCullough
Bill SmitrovichRalph Bauer

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