: : : Spies Like Us
===Story=== Yet another bad movie in a lengthy string of losers for all three of the principals involved here: director John Landis and stars Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase. Chase and Aykroyd play a pair of bumbling would-be CIA agents who are spotted cheating on the entrance exam. So the CIA decides to use them as bait in a mission to flummox the Russians. Lots of pointless slapstick and mugging, but Landis hasn't made a genuinely funny film since ''Trading Places''. Aykroyd and Chase seem smug and self-satisfied (don't they always?), as though they can rest forever on laurels earned during the 1975 season of ''Saturday Night Live''. Look for a gaggle of film directors (Terry Gilliam, Joel Coen, Costa-Gavras) in cameo roles: that's the closest this film comes to cleverness. ''--Marshall Fine''


Chevy ChaseEmmett Fitz-Hume
Dan AykroydAustin Millbarge
Steve ForrestGeneral Sline
Donna DixonKaren Boyer
Bruce DavisonRuby
Bernie CaseyColonel Rhumbus
William PrinceKeyes
Tom HattenGeneral Miegs
Frank OzTest Monitor
Terry GilliamDr. Imhaus
Ray HarryhausenDr. Marston
Bob HopeGolfer
Sam RaimiDrive-In Security Guard
B.B. KingAce Tomato Agent

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