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Spider-Man 2 review
A very entertaining comic book movie

The good:

-As entertaining as the first.
-Better Special Effects.
-A reference to Evil Dead.

The bad:

-Have to wait so long for part 3.


Two years have passed for Peter Parker, established in his role as college student...and as a crimefighter. He can't keep up at school, pay his rent or make amends with his estranged best friend Harry, whom of which wants Spider-Man dead. Mary Jane is more skeptic than ever of the man in her life. Peter's idol, a renowned scientist named Otto Octavius, resurfaces following a failed fusion experiment. Peter, at times noticing he's losing some of his powers, and is feeling the effects of the stress in his personal life, realizes he must decide between being who he once was or retaining his secret identity to stop "Doc Ock" and save New York City.

Tobey Maguire returns as the most famous comic book hero of our time. In this blockbuster Action/Comedy/Sci-fi/Thriller.

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