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Spider-Man review
Spider-Man: One of the better action movies.

The good:

It's Spider-Man

Spider-Man get's a girlfriend

The movie has a decent length time

The bad:

The main villain in this movie (Green Goblin) is Spider-Man's own dad! (I think)


To be honest I don't watch too many movies but this is one movie I actually liked. The movie starts out where Peter Parker is bitten by some kind of spider then later on he turns into Spider-Man. I am glad they made a sequal to this movie. I can't wait until Spider-Man 3 is out. I heard they are making one. Also I was kind of surprised that Green Goblin was his own dad.

If you claim to be a Spider-Man fan then you might like this movie. Remember you have option to rent it first to see if you like it or not. But most people like this movie.

I rate this movie a 4.2/5.

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