: : : Speed Grapher: Volume 4
===Story=== The stink of corruption permeates every brick in the city, and Saiga's eyesight continues to grow worse by the day. As the truth is revealed through the lens of a microscope, the photographer is left to wonder which battlefield from his past made him a player in this deadly game. But the genetic puzzle must be left for another day, for Saiga has a promise to keep. In Tokyo, celebrities gather to the strains of blasphemous organ music while the new king of the underworld waits for his silent bride-to-be at the altar. As all that is holy crumbles around the nuptials, Saiga attempts a daring rescue with the whole world watching. Once again the unlikely pair are forced to flee, leaving Suitengu's intentions to grow darker by the day as he works to outmaneuver those who plot against him, all swearing an unsteady allegiance to the flesh. Episodes include: 13. Ginza the Lawless
14. The Wedding Photographer
15. Hell Is a Wet Woman
16. Audit the Wicked ===DVD Features=== ·Saito Documentary Part One ·Character Profiles ·Character Cast Auditions ·Image Gallery ·Textless Songs ·Trailers


Yuji Takada
Kei Sato

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