: : : Speed Grapher: Volume 3
===Story=== The icy fingers of the Tokyo underworld reach out beyond the city's limits, searching the shadows for the rebel photographer and his young muse. Inspired by a remnant from the past, the fugitive duo seek out a beautiful woman's humble beginnings to uncover hidden family ties, ending at an abandoned research facility as the hounds close in. But in a bloody confrontation with Suitengu, Saiga finally learns the truth. Criminals and cops explore both sides of a life and death coin, and when Kagura accepts the help of a dirty detective with her own agenda, the young girl finds herself to be the currency. One transaction complete, Suitengu pursues another, testing the boundaries of a twisted love and seeking to consolidate his kingdom at last. Eyes closed, Saiga and Kagura reach across captivity, both trapped and dreaming of freedom. ===DVD Features=== ·Art Gallery ·Character Cast Auditions ·Textless Songs ·Character Profiles ·Trailers


Yuji Takada
Kei Sato

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