: : : Speed Grapher: Volume 2
===Story=== In a city where corruption is rewarded and human lives are the most devalued form of currency, a disillusioned photographer and a naïve young girl struggle to learn the true meaning of freedom. Disguised and hidden away within a smoky nightclub, Kagura learns about life and love from the unlikeliest gaggle of gals. And as beauty pursues them into the night, Saiga seeks out assistance from his past. Temporary refuge at an isolated retreat allow the fleeing pair a quiet moment for the rest and reflection. As Kagura learns more about her rescuer and his background, Saiga applies science to both his newfound powers and their predicament. As their stories unfold, a secret lies exposed on film which may present the most difficult trail Saiga has ever had to face. In Suitengu's Tokyo, greed and hunger lie transparent underneath a diamond-hard facade. Smile for the camera... where freedom is a click away. Episodes include: 5. Whore Of Diamonds
6. Out Of Focus
7. The Big Picture
8. Dentophobia ===DVD Features=== · Art Gallery · Character Cast Auditions · Textless Songs · Character Profiles And Trailers


Yuji Takada
Kei Sato

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