: : : Speed Grapher: Volume 1
===Story=== Saiga Tatsumi is a former war photographer working for a newspaper in a future version of Tokyo. The world he lives in is not that different from ours: money still makes the world go round but has made institutions so corrupt that pretty much everything and everyone can be bought for a price. He hates his job and his life, and he wishes for nothing more than something pretty and exciting to photograph. Saiga is about to be changed, both in mind and body, when he infiltrates a secret club formed by the decadent rich and famous. There he meets Kagura, the centerpiece and trophy of the club. Episodes: 1. Depravity City
2. Goddess Of Greed
3. Film Like A Bullet
4. Lethal Headshot ===DVD Features=== • Art Gallery • Character Cast Auditions • Textless Songs • Character Profiles • Trailers


Yuji Takada
Kei Sato

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