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===Story=== Swackhammer, owner of the amusement park planet Moron Mountain is desperate get new attractions and he decides that the Looney Tune characters would be perfect. He sends his diminutive underlings to get them to him, whether Bugs Bunny & Co. want to go or not. Well armed for their size, Bugs Bunny is forced to trick them into agreeing to a competition to determine their freedom. Taking advantage of their puny and stubby legged foes, the gang selects basketball for the surest chance of winning. However, the Nerdlucks turn the tables and steal the talents of leading professional basketball stars to become massive basketball bruisers known as the Monstars. In desperation, Bugs Bunny calls on the aid of Micheal Jordan, the Babe Ruth of Basketball, to help them have a chance at winning their freedom. After winning the third championship with the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan announces his retirement from basketball and declares his intention to play baseball. Meanwhile, deep in space, on another planet called Moron Mountain an outer space theme park, Mr. Swackhammer sends five tiny aliens known as the Nerdlucks to go to Looney Tune Land and capture all the Looney Tune characters and take them to Moron Mountain. But the Looney Tunes thinks of a plan to find a way to escape slavery on Moron Mountain. And Bugs Bunny decided to defend themselves by challenging the Nerdlucks to a basketball game. Then the Nerdlucks uses their strange powers to steal the talent of five NBA stars such as Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Muggsy Bogues, Larry Johnson, and Shawn Bradley which they'll ultimately transform themselves into the tallest and muscular Monstars. It's up to Michael Jordan to help the Looney Tunes play a basketball game vs. the Monstars. But if the Monstars win, then Swackhammer gets the Looney Tunes, and along with Jordan to Moron Mountain! ===DVD Features=== * Commentary by Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Joe Pytka * Seal's Fly Like An Eagle Music Video * R. Kelly's I Believe I Can Fly Music Video * Monstars Anthem Music Video * Theatrical Trailer * Music-Only Track * Scene Access * Production Notes * DVD-ROM PC Features: * Original Web Site * Links To Chat Rooms * Looney Tune Web Sites * Special Web Events


Michael JordanHimself
Wayne KnightStan Podolak
Theresa RandleJuanita Jordan
Penny Bae BridgesJasmine Jordan
Larry BirdHimself
Bill MurrayBill Murray
Thom BarryJames Jordan
Charles BarkleyHimself
Patrick EwingHimself
Patricia HeatonWoman Fan
Dan CastellanetaMale Fan
Brad William HenkeStars Catcher
Billy WestBugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd
Dee Bradley BakerDaffy Duck/Tazmanian Devil/Bull
Danny DeVitoSwackhammer
Bob BergenBert/Herbie/Marvin the Martian/Porky Pig/Tweety
Bill FarmerSylvester/Yosemite Sam/Foghorn Leghorn
June ForayGranny
Maurice LaMarchePepe Le Pew
Kath SoucieLola Bunny
Dorian HarewoodMonstar Bupkus
T.K. CarterMonstar Nawt
Frank WelkerCharles the Dog

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