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===Story=== Brace yourself for more of ''South Park'''s gross, goofy satire, with three outrageous episodes starring South Park Elementary's most special student. The first bit of animated anarchy introduces wheelchair-bound Timmy, the new "special needs" kid and unlikely school hero. After shortsighted grownups diagnose him with Attention Deficit Disorder, a Ritalin prescription becomes a get-out-of-homework-free card for all of South Park's preteens. The zombified kids shake off their pharmaceutical stupor when Timmy's new headbangin' group takes on a villainous Phil Collins in a battle of the bands. But that's not the last of Timmy. The next time show creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone wheel Timmy out, it's to save the class from the frightening new fourth-grade teacher, who terrifies the kids into building a time machine out of Timmy's electric wheelchair. Finally, Timmy's fondness for a "different" turkey threatens to undermine the massive musical spectacle of the fourth-grade Thanksgiving play. (Warning to the weak-stomached: this episode includes a flashing montage of some ''very'' disturbing film images, a good reminder that ''South Park'' is not a kids' cartoon.) These episodes, while not as groundbreaking as the early shows, share the same sarcastic creed: leave no sacred cow unskewered. Pharmaceutical companies and factory farms are targeted by the same socially aware spitballs as ''Soylent Green'', ''The Empire Strikes Back'', Phil Collins, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. ''--Grant Balfour'' ===DVD Features=== *Available Audio Tracks: English (Unknown Format) *Bonuse Episode: "The Tooth Fairy's TATS 2000"
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