: : : South Park - The Hits: Volume 1

South Park - The Hits: Volume 1

===Story=== Quite a treat for fans of the outrageous animated series, South Park - The Hits: Volume i is a collection of 10 episodes chosen by creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker as their favorites. As seen through the eyes of fictitious elementary school children, South Park is filled with pop culture and political references. Hard to believe, but this seemingly juvenile extravaganza often provides strikingly astute observations on the state of the world. Who would have thought that combining themes like cannibalism, leather daddies, The Lord of the Rings, Catholicism and talking towels intertwined with celebrity parodies of Paris Hilton, John Travolta, Tom Cruise and R. Kelley, would be both eye opening and thought provoking? This set contains all of the aforementioned including some of the grossest of the gross from the series. These particular episodes are the best and the worst (which are sometimes the same thing at the same moment) of South Park and its menagerie of dysfunctional characters. You have to give kudos to a series which not only makes you laugh and think, but can make you physically queasy as well. Not for the faint hearted, this collection gives new meaning to the expression, "so bad it's good." The set also include bonus episodes (these are all regular episodes that will be available on future discs), but the most exiting element is the short, "The Spirit of Christmas," which inspired the series, and is easily as good or better than any episode you've seen. ===DVD Features=== *Includes Matt & Trey's favorite episodes from 2001-2005: Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset
The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers
Best Friends Forever
Good Times With Weapons
Casa Bonita
Trapped in the Closet
Red Hot Catholic Love
Scott Tenorman Must Die *The Spirit of Christmas: The infamous short that started it all *Bonus episodes: It Hits the Fan, Timmy 2000, Fat Butt and Pancake Head, The Death Camp of Tolerance
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