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South Park - Imaginationland

===Story=== The doors of a whole new dimension are thrown open, and the boys of South Park walk right in. It all begins with Cartman's quest to find a leprechaun and in turn, win a bet with Kyle that would force him to suck Cartman's balls. The kids have just arrived in Imaginationland - a wondrous, magical place - when terrorists attack, unleashing all of mankind's evil imaginary forces upon the world. With imaginations running wild, the government steps in and prepares to nuke Imaginationland, thus eliminating further attacks on the country's most vulnerable spot. A crisis faces the nation, and Stan and Butters remained trapped in Imaginationland. Kyle pleads with the Pentagon for his friends' lives, and Cartman goes all the way to the Supreme Court to get justice for his dry balls. ===DVD Features=== *Extended Footage *Episode 814: Woodland Critters Christmas *Episode 1006: Manbearpig


Trey Parker
Matt Stone
Mona Marshall

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