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===Story=== This is the sequel to the 1994 hit, "The Mask". An aspiring cartoonist, Tim Avery, has found out that he has been raising an infant son who has special abilities. What's bad is that his son has the power to control the Mask of Loki, a mythological object that transforms its user into a different shape. Although the 'really' bad news is that Loki wants his mask back, so both he and Tim will have to face the impossible to get it back. ===DVD Features=== * Deleted Scenes * Storyboard and Art Galleries * Commentary with Jamie Kennedy, Director Larry Guterman and Writer Lance Khazei * "Chow Bella - Hollywood's Pampered Pooches" * "Creating Son Of The Mask: Digital Diapers and Dog Bytes" * "Paw Prints and Baby Steps: On the Set of Son Of The Mask"


Jamie KennedyTim Avery
Alan CummingLoki
Traylor HowardTonya Avery
Steven WrightDaniel Moss
Kal PennJorge
Ben SteinDr. Neuman
Bob HoskinsOdin

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Worst movie of 2005. Son of the mask is Guterman's second attempt at humor. Nobody...

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