: : : So Close to Paradise
===Story=== Paradise is a long way from the waterfront slums and nightclub dives of Wang Xiaoshuai's restless crime story. Like a modern Chinese take on a classic American film noir, this tale of a small time-criminal on the outskirts of the Wuhan underworld, a beautiful karaoke singer who dreams of pop stardom, and the naïve country boy who watches their destructive romance bristles with doom. Director Wang Xiaoshuai (''Beijing Bicycle'') is from China's sixth generation of filmmakers, and his agitated style--featuring handheld takes, jump cuts, and vibrant colors that cut through the clutter and the darkness--couldn't be more different from the smooth, formal beauty of fifth-generation greats Zhang Yimou and Chen Kaige. His remove keeps us at arm's length from the characters, but his luscious imagery, grimy glamour, and haunting narration give just a hint of romantic hope in the squalor of the urban jungle. ''--Sean Axmaker'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Widescreen


Tong Wang (II)
Yu Shi

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